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About Terry:

Terry playing bass guitar
Terry performing with his band Tapedeck Heroez

A musician and multimedia editor, Terry has a Bachelor of Arts degree from The University of New Hampshire. In the past he has worked for Apple, Inc. as well as the product manager for Contour Design’s Shuttle Multimedia Controllers. His YouTube video, DIY MIDI Pedals has over 68,000 views and he built and sold CV to MIDI adapters for a short time, which he still uses in his live performance rig.

For multimedia production, Terry prefers FinalCut Pro X and Logic Pro X. He uses MainStage for his live MIDI pedals/synth rig with a custom set of MIDI bass pedals and his main bass is Yamaha BB300 bass which goes into a Boss TU-3 tuner then into a SansAmp RBI preamp. For software instruments, he uses Arturia’s Modular V and Analog Lab and OB-Xd Synthesizer.

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