Digital Portfolio

Here are a few of my favorite digital projects. I have put them into 3 categories, Video, Print and Websites.

Video – YouTube videos of mine, which show my storytelling and editing capability:

A video of my son and my Eddie Van Halen guitar we made. I did the editing, voiceover and most of the photography and video.
I interviewed the guest, compiled the visuals, edited the slideshow and edited the audio.

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Doubleneck guitar build
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TV Bay Magazine, January 15, 2015, “Increase Productivity While Editing”, by Terry Goyette

(click to download the PDF of the article)
An article for TV Bay Magazine in the UK that describes the Contour ShuttlePRO v2 and ShuttleXpress, and why they are essential editing tools.

Premier Guitar Magazine, September 2023, “Reader Guitar Of The Month”, by Terry Goyette
(click to download the PDF of the article)
An article in the popular guitar magazine which showcases my double neck guitar build.

How To Reset The Adobe Creative Cloud Trial document. (click to download the PDF)
A how-to article for the Adobe Creative Cloud users at Pinkerton Academy, authored by me.

Websites – I also designed and manage the following websites: (this website)
Instrument Fleet – A digital collection of my instruments, with links to stories about them.

Other information

Bachelor’s Degree, Communication Arts, University of New Hampshire
Associate’s Degree, Literature, Southwestern College

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