Google Sheets Stuff

Here are some (useful?) things I’ve created in Google Sheets:

Random Insult Generator

Four rows of data and a random number generator create a random (not safe for work) insult. Here’s how it works:

Using 4 random numbers, the generator takes one word /phrase/punctuation from each row and creates a sentence. It inserts the text into a webpage. Example: Stupid butt goblin!

Using PabblyConnect, I was able to turn it into a TwitterBot! Follow @arandominsult on Twitter!

ModifyerBody PartObjectPunctuation

Loaner Chromebook Shamer

Working in a similar way as the insult generator, this sheet takes data we get from a report gets a person’s name and changes it to their initials and displays that alongside their student number on a presentation and then published as a webpage that can be automatically updated. Here’s an example of the shaming:

12345 TS
Bring back your loaner Chromebook!

Here’s how to make the name into their initials. Taken from here.