Joyo Vocal Lab

Right out of the box I was disappointed.  After reading the manual and twiddling the knobs a bit, I was able to dial in a decent sounding vocal effect. You need to push the Key Select knob to get sharp tuning, otherwise it doesn’t make much difference where that knob is. The doubled vocals of setting 1 are especially good and the ability to mix in the affected vocals is a nice feature too.  That dialed in with a bit of reverb sounds good.  Having the reverb switchable on & off is a great feature as well. I wasn’t impressed with the higher octave sound, but maybe that’s my voice. It sounds a bit cartoony to me.  If you’re doing backing vocals with other singers, I think you can dial in just the right amount of octave voice and it’ll definitely thicken the vocal.  The low octave can get very, very low and with Harmony #7 selected, you can dial in some barbershop quartet or trio in this case.

The pedal is sturdy and like all Joyo R-series pedals,  Vocal Lab has the same cool LED lighting that can be configured to what the pedal’s state is (on/off or LEDs always on). Hopefully they keep refining the firmware which looks to be updatable with the USB connector.  As of this review there was no update.