Joyo JW-03

No loss of bottom end for bass players

I’m a bass player and am very happy with the Joyo JW-03 wireless system. I also have the JW-02, but I like these more because you can angle them out of the way. The hinge on the transmitter and receiver can accommodate different guitar or bass output jack locations, whether it’s on the side of the body, or close to the volume knobs on the pickguard. Changing channels is great too, just make sure you read the directions. Once you do that, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Right out of the box, you can charge them and be on your way. I didn’t need to pair them to the same channel the first time I used them, and the internal rechargeable batteries last a long time. As a gigging musician, I’ll definitely be using these. No more tripping over my wires from my Joyo Gem Box III! They sound great too! No worry about my bass sounding thin in the mix like some other wireless units I’ve used. Great value, too!