Leslie Model 110

Leslie Model 110 Spec Sheet, c.1974

  • Adds the professional touch of a world famous Leslie speaker at a budget price.
  • Animates the music and creates a stereo-phonic separation from the organ console.

The Leslie Model 110 is a skillful blend of engineering and furniture cabinet design into a unit that fits the budget of almost every home organist. lt adds a professional touch to your music with a majestic sound that can be created only by Leslie speakers. The Model 110 will connect to any make single-channel organ and uses the organ’s existing amplification system. Its precision-designed 12-inch speaker projects into a spinning Leslie full-range rotor to animate the sound throughout the room. The rotor can be operated in the “Fast” position to add an exciting tremolo or in the “Chorale” position for an ethereal, undulating musical effect.

Leslie badge on a 110 cabinet

The speaker is named after its inventor, Donald Leslie, who began working in the late 1930s to get a speaker for a Hammond organ that better emulated a pipe or theatre organ, and discovered that baffles rotating along the axis of the speaker cone gave the best sound effect. Hammond was not interested in marketing or selling the speakers, so Leslie sold them himself as an add-on, targeting other organs as well as Hammond. Leslie made the first speaker in 1941. The sound of the organ being played through his speaker received national radio exposure across the US, and it became a commercial and critical success. It soon became an essential tool for most jazz organists. In 1965, Leslie sold his business to CBS who, in 1980, sold it to Hammond. Suzuki Musical Instrument Corporation subsequently acquired the Hammond and Leslie brands. -Wikipedia

Model 110 Specifications:

  • Height 29 1/2 inches.
  • Width 25 inches.
  • Depth 19 inches.
  • Weight 82 pounds.
  • Has 1 rotor and one 12″ speaker.
  • Has no internal amp, requires speaker level source.
  • 2 Speed (Chorale/Tremolo)
  • A 6 pin connector:
    1. Audio Ground
    2. Tremolo control AC
    3. AC power Return
    4. AC Power Hot
    5. Tremolo control AC
    6. Audio Signal Hot
  • Leslie/EMI recommends it for use with: Single Channel Organs.
  • Has a normal wood cabinet.
  • Electro Music/CBS Musical Instruments
    A Division of Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
    Bin 30, Arroyo Annex
    Pasadena, CA 91109