Flamma FS05

yellow Flamma FS06 guitar PedalIf you already have a flanger, chorus and phase pedal on your pedalboard, you can get rid of them and replace it with the Flamma FS05. Not only does it do those 3 things well (phase, flanger and chorus), you get 8 other kinds of modulation PLUS you can save up to 7 presets! This pedal is made well and works great in mono or stereo.

For bass players, sometimes it’s difficult to find modulation pedals that don’t suck the low end out of your signal when you engage the pedal. The FS05 definitely does not do this. Check out my demo video of me playing bass below; I go through all of the modulation effects, one by one. Definitely good, usable tones with this pedal that can cover a variety of genres.

Being the bass player in a cover band, sometimes you need a bit of flanger, chorus or phase (that’s why I had those things on my pedalboard). With this pedal, since it encompasses all of those plus you get 8 more (rotary/Leslie, ring mod, tremolo, vibrato, liquid, auto-wah, stutter, feedback), the question becomes “Why don’t I have this pedal?” I have been very impressed with Flamma pedals, this is my second one.

4.75 / 5 – Terry