Joyo Baatsin R-11, A Quick Look

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Price: $59.99 (US)
Rating: 4.75 / 5

I just got this a couple days ago and love it so far. Thanks Cindy at Joyo! As a bass player, I’m always looking for a good overdrive or distortion pedal that can do many things and I think I’ve found it in the Joyo R-11 Baatsin.

It’s a very sturdy pedal, like the other Joyo pedals I have on my pedalboard. The design is great and while I haven’t had it on a dark stage yet, I would think the yellow on green graphics should be easy to read. I do wonder if it would have been better with another stomp switch instead of a rotary knob for the OD MOD settings. When it’s connected to power (no battery compartment, so you’ll need a 9V AC adapter), there is a switch that lets you choose how the ambient light works.

The switch gives three options, Sync, Always and Off. Sync turns the ambient light on when the pedal is engaged. Always does exactly what you think: it leaves the light on as long as it is connected to power. And Off keeps the ambient light off.

Plugging in and testing it out, I was able to get great overdriven tones that are perfect if you’re after the Geddy sound or maybe something like the Duff bass tone from GnR’s debut album if that’s more to your liking. The crushing distortion got me into Lemmy territory and I was able to get some great Cliff ‘Em All sounds.

You can check out the audio samples on my SoundCloud page. Or click the link under the picture of the settings below.

Here’s what I am using for settings so far:

My settings for a lightly overdriven bass like Geddy or Duff.
Click for sound demo.

Something Cliff or Lemmy might have used.
Click for sound demo.

Similar to OC Drive but more treble.
Click for sound demo.

Great bass overdrive, with a little bit of dirt.
Click for sound demo.

A thinner overdrive, less bass. Like the bass tone on “Flagpole Sitta”.
Click for sound demo.

Even thinner sounding than Sweety.
Click for sound demo.

So loud and powerful! Even with the volume almost all the day down!
Click for sound demo.

Use the Volume control for a boost pedal. Tone & Gain are not affected.
Click for sound demo.

In the box you get a setup guide and something I was happy to see, rubber feet that you can stick onto the bottom. If you use velcro to attach your pedal to its board, you won’t need it, but it’s definitely nice to have.

I am truly impressed with the variety of tones I am able to get out of this pedal. And not just noise, usable tones for lots of songs that my band plays. Now I need to get a bigger pedalboard! First world problems for sure!

4.75 /5 Rating

You can find Joyo pedals on their Amazon store. -Terry, August 17, 2020

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