Donner DUC-410 23″ Ukulele w/Extras

This is my first concert size ukulele. I’ve played guitar and bass for over 35 years and also own a mandolin, octave mandolin, a tenor uke and have owned a few dozen stringed instruments of various size and quality. Donner’s attention to detail for this instrument is very good. I didn’t notice any construction flaws such as sloppy glue up or bad looking joints. This definitely adds to the excellent tone and appearance of the instrument. The wood selection is also very good. That being said, mine has unmatched top pieces. Not a deal breaker, but I thought it gave it a different look. The sides and neck are made of mahogany and fingerboard is a thin rosewood veneer.

Because of the concert size versus a tenor ukulele, the volume and clarity of the notes is apparent. Playing with the supplied picks makes a difference if you prefer to play with a plectrum instead of strumming with your fingers. If you have large hands or prefer a neck and fingerboard bigger than a tenor uke, I would suggest a concert ukulele because of the larger size. It doesn’t seem like playing a toy and the notes have much more definition.

The strap, picks, tuner, polishing cloth and extra strings are a nice bonus. I do think the gig bag is nicely constructed and overall this whole package is an excellent value for a novice or intermediate player.


4.75 out of 5 stars

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