Mac Plus Retromod

My Mac Plus was not working and I didn’t have a keyboard or mouse for it so I did a restomod project with it. I used an HP 2140 netbook with Windows XP. The Mac side is a virtual machine using the Mini vMac software and the Mac is running System 7.5. The Mac was dead so I donated its ‘organs’ to a friend of mine who fixed Macs. He was able to revive two other Macs using the parts I gave him. I was able to mod the inside of the Mac Plus’s case and mount the LCD in the display opening. It’s not pretty, but it works! The netbook also has 2 USB ports so I routed one to the front of the Mac’s case and the other around back into an internal USB hub. The laptop power supply is also mounted inside.

Mini vMac emulator:
Basilisk II: