JF-06 Vintage Phase

Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Pedal

Company Website: https://www.joyoaudio.com/
Price: $34.99 (US)
Rating: 4.5 / 5
I’ve been using the Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase on my bass pedal board for over a year. It’s simple to use with only one knob, isn’t particularly noisy when activated and has a solid build quality and works great with my inline power on my pedal board or if I need to use a 9-volt battery.

There are a few songs that my band plays that need a phaser pedal and this works great.  I use it on the intro to Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” and I alternate between my Joyo Analog Chorus and Vintage Phase for the intro of Guns N Roses “Sweet Child Of Mine”, just to change it up a bit.  If you’re apprehensive about buying a pedal to have for one or two songs and don’t want to spend a lot of money, these Joyo pedals work  great and are an excellent value.

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My current pedal board. Left to right: Joyo Vintage Phase, Joyo Analog Chorus, Joyo Golden Face, (1986) Aria FL-5 Flanger, Boss TU-2, Mooer Pure Octave, Joyo JF-11 EQ. Custom MIDI pedals are below.