Save The USPS!

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The holiday season of 2020 has been like none other for most of us. With COVID and the increase in online shopping, it’s no wonder that shipping services like the US Postal Service (USPS) are overwhelmed. I think Amazon planned ahead and realized the USPS wouldn’t be able to handle the volume and rolled out their own delivery fleet just a few years ago. They have over 30,000 delivery vehicles now. Living in rural New Hampshire, I see Amazon trucks all day long in my small town along with the usual UPS, FedEx and USPS trucks.

I find it hard to believe that the Postal Service didn’t see this cluster-frick coming. They are so backed up everywhere this season, it’s no wonder a package I sent on December 14th to a friend 60 miles north, still hasn’t left the distribution center (which is located to the South of my town) as of today, December 23. I literally could have walked to her house and back in this time!

So what can we do? One post I read on social media suggested buying stamps, because the only source of income for the agency is postage. I don’t think buying stamps is going to cut it. They/we need to come up with other ways to generate some income for the USPS. Net loss for last fiscal year was $9.2B. 9.2 BILLION dollars loss. How many stamps is that? That’s 16,727,272,727 stamps!

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