India 1965

Originally recorded on a reel to reel tape deck in 1965 by my father (and someone else in his absence), these are the individual tracks. It’s amazing to think this tape survived the journey from India, back to my dad who was stationed in Vietnam and then back to the States, from state to state and ending up in my hands in NH.

Song titles are underneath the track. Click the play button to hear the song. Let me know if you recognize any of the unnamed voices (female singer, male singer, etc.) or even song titles and I’ll update the titles.

“Here here!” -Terry

1 Clive – Put On Your Dancing Shoes
2 Woman singing Blue Moon with clarinet
3 Female singer
4 Female singer
5 Happy Birthday
6 Max’s Introduction
7 Joe Stam’s Speech
8 I’m Getting Married In The Morning
9 Female singer
10 Happy Birthday, Dorothy (With Max’s intro)
11 Kids singing
12 Hello Uncle Edgar & Max’s Speech
14 Female singer
15 Male singer
16 Female singer
17 Male & female duet
18 Woman singing Who’s Sorry Now
19 Woman singing A You’re Adorable
20 Man singing Goodnight, My Love
21 Clive – Put On Your Dancing Shoes (reprise)
22 Child singing
23 Man singing hymn
24 Ernie & Audrey Paper-Doll
25 Max – Night & Day
26 Max- Besame Mucho
27 Male singing
28 Female singer
29 Female singer
30 Male singing Blue Moon
31 Male singing
32 Male singing
33 Male singing
33 Male singing
34 Male singing
35 Child singing
36 Child singing
37 Well wishes to Ernie who was in Vietnam
38 Merlyn sings On The Street Where You Live
39 Angela Valladares (Nana) wishing Ernie
40 Neri (?) D’Sousa wishes Ernie
41 Merlyn wishes Ernie
42 Male (Tori?) sings POW song
43 Male singer
44 Female singer
45 Female sings Danny Boy
46 Man singing
47 Group sings with clarinet accompanying
48 Man singing