Bass Guitar Patches

Demo video of FX100 Bass patches

Flamma FX100 Bass Preset Pack, $10
(US Dollars)
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This bass pack contains patches for tones similar the following bass players or styles of bass. Attention to what kind of gear is always a consideration when creating patches. The FX100’s built in effects and modeling were used to re-create some of the favorite bass tones in music!

  • Geddy Lee of Rush – His classic late 1970’s and early 1980’s bass tone. A bit of J-Bass growl, slight distortion and a touch of phase. Catch the myth!
  • Steve Harris of Iron Maiden – Edgy P-Bass, midrange tone, perfect for galloping through the mix with two guitarists in the band.
  • Cliff Burton’s “Anethesia (Pulling Teeth)” – Metallica’s revered bassist. Distortion, wah pedal, a bit of reverb and some other magic. Bang your head and play the solo!
  • Billy Sheehan – Even though he splits his signal into two amps, you can get there with this patch. Run it mono or stereo from the FX100 and do those fancy bass acrobatics like he does!
  • Chris Squire of Yes – Two patches, one with phaser, one with slight phase turned on, gets you the prog-rock sound.
  • Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead – Midrange heavy, distorted classic UK tube amp sound, pushing 11.
  • Paul McCartney – Create your own classic mop-top basslines with this preset.
  • John Enthwisle of The Who – Powerfull and defined, this patch gets you there so you can jam with your generation.
  • Duff McKagen of Guns ‘N Roses – Two patches are included. One has his famous chorus and one without. Either can get you to the jungle or the city!
  • Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath’s E5150 Solo – Crazy, heavily flanged, distorted and with plenty of echo, this patch will get you in with the mob…you know, so you can um, rule.
  • TCG Bass – Our own, inspired patches that work great in just about any song. One clean and one with some slow, sweeping phase, perfect for those classic bass intros.
  • 8-String – A clean and a distorted patch for those times when you need to fill the sound out (like during a guitar solo) or if you’d rather leave your 8-string bass at home. Just bring along your FX100 and these patches and you’ve got an arsenal of bass tones!
  • Whammy – Hey, guitarists are not the only ones who can have fun with this effect. This patch is based on the stock FX100 patch but reimagined for bass.

Please note:
These patches may work with the Mooer GE150 and the Harley Benton DNAfx GiT as well since they share the same architecture. If you are curious to try them out on your Flamma, Mooer or HB pedalboard mentioned above, drop us a line and we can send out a free trial.